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Just a couple of (extra) ordinary guys

Chris and Brad are dynamic to say the least. Wherever they go they seem to leave a wake of some thriving initiative or another… Think Cape Town’s Karoo Moon, Neighbourgoods Market, Bead Boys… they’ve had a hand in all of these and more. Now they’re back in the Western Cape, and their focus has moved from their farm on the Kei River to a working shop in Cape Town. It’s called Guys of Design, and it’s a fusion of, well, pretty much everything the guys love. Food, furnishings, design, people.

Both Chris and Brad grew up eating seasonally. “We were both farmers’ lads,” says Chris, “and being from a Jewish family, a rich food culture was intrinsic to my world.” For Chris, markets are in his blood – his grandfather was “the biggest market man in PE and Queenstown”, so it’s natural that Guys of Design would include a market model. Chris and Brad love supporting the local community and encourage local ‘tannies’ to bring in their surplus garden produce, which Chris then whips up into some or other gastronomic delight – from jams and preserves to pastries, bakes and salads. On a Saturday morning, you’ll find the shelves of the deli section brimming with local produce including goats cheese and duck eggs from Addo. (Then you’ll be drawn into the tastefully cluttered knick-knacks and furnishings section of the shop, which will keep you enraptured for hours.)

More than food, creativity abounds

They aim to serve only free range “clean and natural” food in their coffee shop where they serve light meals of fresh seasonal produce. The free range pork comes from their own farm where they cross Landrace and African Pig breeds. Chris’s green fingers mean that there are pots with herbs and edible plants scattered all over the “working garden” which has a sizeable veggie patch in the corner, surrounded by second hand furniture in the process of being upcycled.

If you’re around Cape Town and looking for something to excite your senses, you won’t be disappointed with a visit to Guys of Design. New and growing fast, this little spot is a fountain of creativity, not to be missed. In their own words “From pieces we create to antiques we acquire, silver and jewellery, to our food – you’ll desire”.